About The Artistic Edge

“When children are successful, the world is successful!” – Lisa Phillips

The Artistic Edge

This is the mandate by which we operate. The Artistic Edge’s primary objective is to provide parents and educators with the resources they need to help 21st century children, teens and young adults reach their full potential.

Simply put, too many young people today are not growing up with the leadership skills they need to be successful. They are struggling to communicate, problem solve, build relationships and more.

Lisa Phillips’ innovative perspective on arts education in the classroom and at home has helped lead thousands of children on a path to success. She’s made her ideas global by creating arts and leadership resources that can be implemented by parents, educators and other youth development professionals.

“It’s the unique combination of arts and leadership gives young people a competitive edge in the working world.” – Lisa Phillips.

Lisa Phillips
Author & Founder
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For Lisa, the arts are the ideal vehicle for teaching 21st Century Success Skills. Lisa’s inspiration for her book, The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World came from decades as a camp director and arts educator. “I started to see connections of how the arts teaches leadership skills. I realized no one was talking about it! I had to share what I had learned.” The release of her book was met with an overwhelming response from parents and educators throughout North American, Australia and the U.K.

Lisa has seen first hand the effects integrating arts and leadership can have on children. She’s witness the most disadvantaged children to the most affluent transform in a matter of weeks.

The formula to our secret sauce is: Arts + Leadership = Success

Discover what it means for your child today.