Arts Fundraising Initiatives

The Artistic Edge is sick of the cuts to arts funding in schools. We’ve developed two programs to help schools and community organizations get their arts programs where they need to be. Whether you’re private, public or after-school, we have an arts fundraising program to suit your needs.

Arts Fundraising Program:

As an organization that knows the arts are important our message and products probably give you a “preaching to the choir” feel. Great! Now you can share that wisdom by promoting The Artistic Edge products to your community.

When you register for your Fundraising Package, you’ll receive:

  •           A customized product pamphlet.
  •           A customized order form.
  •           Free Content to be given away to your families.
  •           Instruction Guide.

The Benefits: An all-in-one package, this program gives you all the tools you need to raise some funding for your arts programs. We provide you with promotional materials, give-aways and a step-by-step breakdown of how to make your campaign successful. To register your organization please email and put “Affiliate Request” in the subject line.

Live Events:  Author and Founder, Lisa Phillips, is a persuasive and charismatic speaker. She travels throughout North American sharing her innovative Arts & Leadership ideas. Now, she wants to come to your school! This year, Lisa has decided to give back to her arts community and travel from school to school hosting live events.

These events can be an excellent source of funding for your school. Lisa invites students to share their talents in a performance at the same time! It’s a great event the whole family can enjoy.

If you’re interested in inviting Lisa to your school or learning more about this exciting program contact for more information.