About Erica Troy

Erica Troy is a veteran music educator and mother of two spunky, creative girls from the beautiful state of Maine, USA. She has experience teaching at the elementary, middle school and university level, with a focus on general music, elementary choral education and teaching composition to children. Erica has also presented on a variety of topics at the local and state level. She is a lover or all things academic and prides herself on finding new and innovative ways to engage her students.

Five Ways to Cultivate Creativity in the Classroom

Creative classrooms don’t just happen. They are fostered, day by day, by teachers and administrators who truly value the (sometimes loud, messy and unpredictable) creative process.   As a public school music educator for 15 years I have worked with classroom teachers who set up their students for creative success and also those who have not. The difference is clear when they come to my classroom for music each week – I see it in the risks they are willing to take, the amount of struggle they can handle before getting frustrated, whether they see challenges as an opportunity or a burden, and even how they interact with each other.

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Raising Creative Children in a Type A World

Raising Creative Children in a Type-A World
I am going to begin this blog by making a confession…when it comes many aspects of my life – my teaching life especially – I am totally Type A. I need order. I crave predictability. I function best when I am the one in […]

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