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The How of Arts & Leadership Education

You may be thinking, “Huh? What do you mean the HOW of Arts & Leadership Education?”

At The Artistic Edge, we’ve discovered that it’s the unique combination of arts and leadership that kids need in order to secure a successful life and career.

Great! Now what do I DO with that information?

Yes, the unique combination of arts and leadership is the sure-fire way to propel your children on a path to success. But what does that ACTUALLY mean? How do you actually DO that?

This is where The Artistic Edge steps in! There are three main elements to teaching arts and leadership education to children.

1) Identification – what leadership skills are your children lacking?

2) Intentional Teaching – how are you going to teach them those skills?

3) Positive and Specific Praise – why is what they’re doing important?

The Artistic Edge Membership gives specific information about HOW to provide children with the practice they need to succeed later in life. By starting at a young age, children will become experts at handling difficult life situations as they grow older.

For Example:

Imagine your child comes home from school after having a fight with a classmate. He/She feels upset and refuses to return to school the next day.This exact scenario will most likely occur many times in your child’s adult life. Maybe they will have a fight with a co-worker or their partner. By teaching your child EXACTLY how to handle this situation at a young age, they’ll be totally prepared when they encounter it later on. In this sense, The Artistic Edge Membership gives you the HOW you need to best prepare your child for their adult life.


“I’m a teacher, how can the membership help me?”

“Raising other people’s kids is the most important job in the world.”- Lisa Phillips, Author and Founder of The Artistic Edge
As a teacher, you are parent, friend, mentor and educator all in one. Over the course of your career, you will influence the lives of hundreds of children. As a society we don’t appreciate teachers as much as we should.

The Artistic Edge wants to change that! We hope you agree. In many ways The Edge Membership is a great way for teachers to get a sense of how we can help them before they commit to The Educator’s Inner Circle.

Aside from that, the membership program provides valuable resources that can be applied in the classroom immediately. These proven methods can be used to help engage your students and more importantly give them the tools they need to solve problems without your help. You’ll see improvements in behavior problems, less need to repeat lessons and most importantly children who genuinely want to learn what you’re teaching.

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The Membership Breakdown

“Young people today do not have the skills they need to be successful in the 21st Century.”
-Lisa Phillips, Author and Founder of The Artistic Edge

If you’re still not sure what the membership is or does, let us break it down for you. As Lisa says, we aren’t giving children the tools they need to be successful. Simply put, most people don’t know how to best prepare their kids for the future. Why is this true? There is uncertainty in the world. The problems your children will face, are going to be VERY different from your current life challenges. What will these problems be? NO ONE KNOWS!

By providing children with enhanced creativity and leadership skills, they’ll be prepared for any situation that arises. This is the best gift you can give them. The Artistic Edge will provide you with monthly resources to help you do just that. Your Membership will include:

  • Monthly Educational Information Emails
  • 10% of The Artistic Edge Store Orders
  • Access to a Members-Only Facebook Group (where you can ask author, Lisa Phillips direct questions as often as you’d like!)
  • 4 At-Home and/or In-Classroom Arts and Leadership Activity Guides
  • Priority Registration for The Artistic Edge Webinars and Educational Mastermind
I’m Interested in the Membership, Tell Me More

You may be asking, “Why can’t you give me all the information at once?”


Repetition is the key to success in life. It’s not what you know that matters. It’s about what you DO everyday with that knowledge. We’ve specifically designed the membership in a way to optimize how you teach arts and leadership to your children.

By receiving monthly resources, you’ll be given fresh material to implement. Your children will get regular and consistent practice in the areas they are lacking.

Your child’s life will change drastically if even half of the material you receive is put into action.