Five Ways to Cultivate Creativity in the Classroom

Creative classrooms don’t just happen. They are fostered, day by day, by teachers and administrators who truly value the (sometimes loud, messy and unpredictable) creative process.   As a public school music educator for 15 years I have worked with classroom teachers who set up their students for creative success and also those who have not. The difference is clear when they come to my classroom for music each week – I see it in the risks they are willing to take, the amount of struggle they can handle before getting frustrated, whether they see challenges as an opportunity or a burden, and even how they interact with each other.

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The Problem with your Arts Career

The Problem With Your Arts Career

This is going to be a bit of a different blog post than I usually write as often I focus my attention on leadership skills and their connection to the arts. Today I want to write directly to those of you who are professional artists […]

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What Type of Content Would You Like To Read In The Artistic Edge Blog? 

At The Artistic Edge we are committed to providing content and resources that YOU want and need.  Please comment below and let us know what types of blog posts and content would be most valuable to you. Is it advocacy? Lesson plan ideas? Links between arts and business? Leadership integration?

Tell […]

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Raising Creative Children in a Type A World

Raising Creative Children in a Type-A World
I am going to begin this blog by making a confession…when it comes many aspects of my life – my teaching life especially – I am totally Type A. I need order. I crave predictability. I function best when I am the one in […]

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How Helping Children Resulted In My Failure

How Helping Children Resulted In My Failure

It has been many months since I’ve written a blog post as I have been dealing with some life changing events. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the lessons that I learned from my experience.

You may or may not know […]

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The University Promise – Reality Check

The University Promise – Reality Check
My daughter recently began her school career in Junior Kindergarten and since her school is JK-12, I received a newsletter outlining why I should send her to University. It made me laugh, but it also made me think about how many young people I have […]

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Why You Should Stop and Think

Why You Should Stop and Think
I have been thinking a lot about habits of mind lately; patterns of thinking that we all develop over time. Just like physical habits, these habits are engrained in our subconscious and are meant to be automated, to make our lives easier. Generally, we don’t […]

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The Trap of Pinterest Perfect

The Trap of Pinterest Perfect
On a recent Q&A after an Artistic Edge Webinar, a participant, a visual arts teacher, helped me to pinpoint (excuse the pun) my beef with art teachers relying on Pinterest for project ideas. As it turns out, it was the same thing that made me quit […]

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6 Reasons That The Arts Are The Ideal Vehicle To Teach 21st Century Success Skills

6 Reasons That The Arts Are The Ideal Vehicle To Teach 21st Century Success Skills
There are many things I don’t know about life and how the world works, but there are two things I know for certain. The first is that young people are less prepared for the working world […]

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The Helicopters are Still Hovering

The Helicopters are Still Hovering
I recently came across a great article in the New York Times that discussed raising successful children. I was inspired to share my thoughts on the topic, since developing successful children is the mission of The Artistic Edge (TAE).

For those of you who follow TAE, you […]

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