Just Do It: 5 Reasons Artists Don’t Earn A Living With Their Craft

I know there are many artists who read our blog, so I wanted to provide some concrete help to all of you who are looking to earn more income from your art form. I hope this blog post will serve to open your eyes to a few possible reasons as […]

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From School Shootings To Van Attacks When Will We Learn?

From school shootings to van attacks when will we learn that children learn what they live.

I live in Toronto, Canada and a few days ago we had a very unusual incident occur in our city – a van plowed through a major city sidewalk killing 10 people and injuring 14 […]

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The Balancing Act of an Arts Career

The Balancing Act of an Arts Career
On Thursday night I finished shooting a short film with Humber College Film School. We spent four days on set. It was such an amazing four days filled with laughs, hard work and tears. It’s a very powerful film about the relationship between 2 […]

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The Commitment Difference

The Commitment Difference
Commitment. In this day and age it is almost a four-letter word. What is it about the mere mention of the word that can send the wishy-washy running for the hills? It seems there are not many people willing to make a commitment anymore. I recently read that […]

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