Nurturing The Skill Of Confidence Through Music

Confidence is such an important skills for young people to be able to demonstrate as they grow up and start entering the job marketing. But like any skill it is like a “muscle” that needs to be worked. A young person’s ability to stand out and come across as confident […]

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Five Ways to Cultivate Creativity in the Classroom

Creative classrooms don’t just happen. They are fostered, day by day, by teachers and administrators who truly value the (sometimes loud, messy and unpredictable) creative process.   As a public school music educator for 15 years I have worked with classroom teachers who set up their students for creative success and also those who have not. The difference is clear when they come to my classroom for music each week – I see it in the risks they are willing to take, the amount of struggle they can handle before getting frustrated, whether they see challenges as an opportunity or a burden, and even how they interact with each other.

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What if Singing was Like Reading?

What if Singing was Like Reading?
I recently came across an article on the BBC website claiming that everyone has the ability to sing, even those who claim to be tone deaf. This surprised me and I wanted to dig deeper, because some statistics claim that up to 70% of the […]

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Lisa Interviews Juno Nominee Peter Katz

Lisa Interviews Juno Nominee Peter Katz
As I mentioned last week, I have known Peter Katz since 2008, but I never had the chance to really talk to him in depth about his experiences as a musician. I thought that I would do it in an interview format so I could […]

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Lisa to Interview Juno Nominee…who is it?

Lisa to Interview Juno Nominee…who is it?
The first time I saw Peter Katz perform, he had a room full of 800 adults on the edge of tears. It was at the International Camping Congress in Quebec City in 2008, were he debuted his song, The Camp Song. Peter’s powerful performance […]

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