THE GAME OF LIFE: 12 Growth Mindset Concepts That Young People Need To Know & Implement

I’d like to start by saying that most of these concepts are not new. I am quite certain you’ve heard many of them before. So why I am giving you information about things you already know? Because I want to emphasize the importance of actually DOING these things in order […]

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That Kid: The 5 Year Journey That Changed A Child Forever

On her first day of kindergarten she literally crawled around on hands and knees, meowing like a cat during our music class. She was that kid. The one everyone in the school knew by name by the second week of school. She was 5 – adorable and spunky – and […]

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Nurturing The Skill Of Confidence Through Music

Confidence is such an important skills for young people to be able to demonstrate as they grow up and start entering the job marketing. But like any skill it is like a “muscle” that needs to be worked. A young person’s ability to stand out and come across as confident […]

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CWMF: Marta Interviews Neil Crone

CWMF: Marta Interviews Neil Crone


Marta Machado  (14 years old) Interviews Neil Crone, film & TV actor (Little Mosque on the Prairie, Really Me)


“Interviewing Neil Crone was such an amazing opportunity. I still can’t believe I was able to get advice from […]

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The Joy of the Arts: An Interview with Michael Brandwein

The Joy of the Arts: An Interview with Michael Brandwein
Lisa: With shrinking arts funding, arts educators have been forced to emphasize how the arts can positively influence academic success. These concerns have come to overshadow the idea that the arts can have positive effects on many aspects of our lives […]

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