Don’t Sabotage Your Artistic Career By Procrastinating

Today my blog post to you is a little bit more personal. As you read this, I am sitting in a writing workshop with my dear friend and mentor, New York Times best selling author, Raymond Aaron. He wrote many books including Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul and Double […]

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7 Reasons Why Theatre Improv Teaches Leadership Skills

7 Reasons Why Theatre Improv Teaches Leadership Skills
Whether you are the C.E.O. of a company or you are working your first retail job, knowing how to think on your feet and tackle unforeseen circumstances is an important skill for any leader. As an adult, we have […]

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How To Integrate Drama Improv Into All Subjects

Arts integration is more than just carving out some time for the “token” art lesson. It is about using the arts as a vehicle to reinforce the content of all subjects in a fun way. Children learn better and retain what they’ve learned when they enjoy the process. Drama improv […]

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