Art Imitating Life: 5 Life Lessons Learned from The Wizard of Oz

I was at the theatre last week with my mom and cousin to see a production of The Wizard of Oz. I grew up watching the movie and as a huge musical theatre fan, I was excited to watch the show live on stage. As the house lights dimmed, I was instantly brought back to my childhood. One of the very first roles I ever played was the scarecrow in my grade one production of The Wizard of Oz.

As the first act unfolded, with its oh-so familiar storyline, lively costumes and sets, and songs I could recite on command, I was reminded of the power of children’s theatre. Theatre tells important stories and illustrates important lessons to children in a unique way that builds their understanding of the world. They become a part of the story and can experience life through the characters.

Watching this play as an adult, I had a new perspective on what life lessons L. Frank Baum was trying to convey through his timeless story. Growing up, I watched The Wizard of Oz dozens of times, but it was only last week that I became consciously aware of exactly what those important lessons were and how they relate to my own approach to life.

1. All You Need to Succeed in Life is Courage, Brains and a Heart

The Lion, Scarecrow and Tin-man, represent the core components of a successful life. Many people live their life with limiting beliefs that stifle what they are capable of achieving.

Finding courage to push beyond those negative thoughts is crucial to success.

Brains or a thirst for knowledge is paramount. Learning is forever and doesn’t end with a university degree. Those who embrace learning as a lifelong endeavor, will constantly develop and get better at what they do.