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Lisa Phillips is an author, coach and business owner. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada and has over 20 years experience as an arts and leadership educator. Her passion for helping young people achieve success in all aspects of their lives inspired Lisa to publish her first book, The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World. With the Foreword written by Raymond Aaron (New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul), the book explores the impact arts participation has on the success of the current generation. The Artistic Edge reveals creativity and leadership as crucial skills for today’s young people to develop in order to compete in the global job market. Click Here to Read More…

EricaTroyErica Troy is a veteran music educator and mother of two spunky, creative girls from the beautiful state of Maine, USA. She has experience teaching at the elementary, middle school and university level, with a focus on general music, elementary choral education and teaching composition to children. Erica has also presented on a variety of topics at the local and state level. She is a lover of all things academic and prides herself on finding new and innovative ways to engage her students.

Karen Nall is entering her 7th year as an elementary art teacher in South Carolina, where she resides with her husband and two children. In 2006 she received her Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Anderson University. In 2011 she went on to complete her Masters in Integrating Teaching through the Arts. Karen has experience with teaching summer art camps, providing art classes for homeschool co-ops, and also giving private art lessons. She has also been completing commissioned art work since high school. This includes a large mural in an elementary school, helping to design a new local high school mascot, portraits, sonograms, and more. Karen has a passion for reaching as many students as possible in her art room. She sees her classroom as an opportunity to develop self-esteem, increase students’ interest in trying new things, provide chances for students to step out of their comfort zone, and develop a love and excitement for coming to school. Karen is also passionate about promoting the use of the Arts in other areas of learning and not just the art room. She sees the Arts as an avenue to help children learn in many other areas of their education.

lauDirector of Programming at Canada’s Academy of Stage and Studio Arts, Rosie has a Master’s degree in Education from Queen’s University where she focused on the development of youth through experiential education programming. She has studied and worked in Fine Arts with a concentration in photography and drawing. On top of her 13 years of experience working in Education, she also has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology.

vikki-150x150Vikki is a 17 year old Canadian Actor, singer, and musician. At the young age of two, Vikki began singing melodies wherever she could. At the age of 7 Victoria began her training in dance and the performing arts. Not long after, Vikki began taking vocal lessons to train her already talented voice. Vikki appeared in “I Martin Short Goes Home”, a TV Special and Foxfire a feature film that premiered at TIFF 2012. She also appeared as Sharpay in High School Musical in April 2012 and did a PSA for Autism called Carly’s Cafe with Carly Fleischmann. Vikki recently booked a lead role in a short film, that will be filmed in November 2012. To find out  more about Vikki, visit her facebook fan page or her website.
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