CWMF (Connecting With My Future)

Through Lisa’s work, she has found a gap between what young people know about careers in the arts and reality. Creating encounters between successful arts professionals and aspiring young artists was the perfect way to narrow this gap. Connecting With My Future is an interview series featuring discussions between successful musicians, actors, dancers, and artists, and children who are aspiring to achieve the same goals. Kids ask their burning questions and celebrities tell their compelling stories about their journey to success. It is a great opportunity for kids to learn valuable lessons from professionals in the industry. As part of this interview series, artists will play an integral part in inspiring a child to reach for their dreams!

INTERVIEW #1: Nate Oppel Interviews James Retter Duncan from War Horse


INTERVIEW #2: Adrian Mark Interviews Ennis Esmer from the TV Show, The Listener


INTERVIEW #3: Marta Machado Interviews Neil Crone from Little Mosque on the Prairie