CWMF: Adrian Interviews Ennis Esmer!


Adrian Mark  (14 years old) Interviews Ennis Esmer, one of the stars of the TV Show, The Listener.


“Interviewing Ennis Esmer was an absolutely extraordinary experience for me, and getting the opportunity to talk with someone who has a professional acting career was definitely a great chance. I was enlightened on the world of acting and learned about the great things about his job, as well as some of the struggles in his career. I got to learn about his journey to where he is now and where he gets his inspiration, and where he gets his support. I have to admit, I did feel kind of anxious going to the interview, especially as he is on a hit show that many people love (The Listener). On the other hand, Ennis was extremely hilarious and had everyone in tears with his jokes during the filming of the interview. He made the whole experience enjoyable for me and I had lots of fun. I imagine people who watch this video will be inspired and motivated to discover and learn more about having an acting career and their own acting talents. Being part of Connecting With My Future was a bliss and I am happy that I took part. It was an exciting experience and will definitely be something for me to remember. Getting to meet Ennis Esmer was really cool and I am thankful to Horizon Arts Camp and The Artistic Edge for giving me this amazing opportunity!” – Adrian Mark (14 years old)

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