Nate Oppel (13 years old) Interviews James Duncan, one of the stars of War Horse.


“After seeing War Horse, I was amazed at the skill it takes to operate the life-sized horse puppet. It was a great show and I’m glad I got the chance to see how it all worked behind the scenes. When I walked through the halls back stage, I could only imagine the adrenalin that must build up before the actors walked on stage.  I was very nervous about interviewing James, and I hope that does not show in the video. It was the first time I had ever talked to a professional actor in depth about their job. James could not have been easier to talk to and he gave fantastic answers to my questions. I hope that young people thinking about acting who watch the video will learn things that will help them. I certainly learned lots about theatre and what is important in an actor. I feel that I learnt more about what show business is like. There is definitely a ton of complex choreography and detailed direction. I was very happy to participate in Connecting with my Future; it was a fun, exhilarating experience. I am very happy to have had this rare experience and grateful to Horizon Arts Camp for giving me the chance.” – Nate Oppel, 13 years old

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