The Artistic Edge is here for you – the educators who work on the front lines every day, ensuring your students have the tools they need to be successful, not only in your classroom, but throughout their personal and professional lives. We know that when children are successful, the world is successful, but we also recognize that before that can happen, YOU need to be successful. That’s why we are here.

We understand that teaching in today’s world is demanding and time-consuming. The Artistic Edge is dedicated to providing ready to use lesson plans and resources for arts educators, classroom teachers and leadership professionals. Our products are classroom tested and easy to execute, but most importantly, they go farther than just skill and drill content. We purposefully integrate creativity, confidence, problem-solving, dreaming big, communication, accountability and adaptability into our products, because we know those skills are vitally important to success.

We know that successful teaching is not a solitary endeavor, and we are here to support you in any way we can. Please contact us here at The Artistic Edge with questions, concerns, successes, product requests or even just to work through a new idea. We are happy to help. Email us at:


The Artistic Edge is excited to provide a number of resources at no cost to you. These resources, created by professionals in arts and leadership education with decades of experience working with children, are available for you to download and share, with appropriate credit given to The Artistic Edge, as needed.

You can access various free resources here