How The Arts Influenced Michael Brandwein – A New Interview Series

As someone who has made the choice to help young people discover their best self, it has always been important to me to learn as much as I can about leadership. My vehicle to facilitate this discovery has been the arts, as it has always been my passion. But another passion of mine is camp. There is something magical about the time between July and August – kids develop new skills, try new things and discover more deeply about who they are and what they are capable of achieving. These transformational moments occur through experiential learning and the place they happen is at summer camp.

Camps play a crucial role in youth development, more so than you might realize. Yes, camps offer kids fun, friends and memories to last a lifetime, but what their real business is, is teaching kids skills for life. The fun comes through learning all the valuable skills that will invariably set the kids who learn them, on a path to success.

The good camps are very intentional with their programming. Everything they do focuses on developing skills that young people need to achieve success both present and future. So where do camps learn how to do this? If they are an intentional camp, they most likely learned about it from the leadership expert himself, Michael Brandwein.

Michael is a master teacher in leadership and I have personally benefitted from his work and learned countless skills that I have passed onto my own staff and campers over the years. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Michael at the Sherman Lake YMCA in Michigan U.S.A., to talk to him about his thoughts and experiences on the arts and how these skills have shaped him as a person and influenced his teaching of leadership.

From early childhood memories of learning trombone in music class, to graduating from the Second City Training Program in Chicago, Michael’s life has been immersed in the arts and greatly contributed to his success as one of the top educators on the topic of youth development in the world. I am so excited to share this blog series with you. Stay tuned for my first interview with Michael in the coming days!

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