Introducing…Connecting With My Future!

There are so many kids who are truly passionate about becoming a musician, dancer, actor, or artist, but have no mentors or ways to move forward. There is such a gap between what young people know about careers in the arts, and the current reality. That is why I wanted to find a way to connect aspiring young artists with working professionals with successful careers. Why? Because most young people (and some adults) equate successful careers with becoming a doctor, lawyer or accountant, but very few see the possibility or have the know-how to obtain a career in the arts.

Having an inside perspective gives children a unique look at these careers that often seem unattainable and out of reach. Children, just like professional artists, have creativity in them that just needs to be shared with the world. Children, too, yearn to tell stories that will move audiences, perform music that will enlighten the soul and create art that will bring joy into the lives of others. But often their dreams of having a professional career in the arts are dampered by the adults around them who tell them it is not realistic and they should get a “real job”. Teaming the younger generation up with professionals in the arts will show them the path they need to take, and the tools they need to turn their dreams into reality.

This is why I have created Connecting With My Future, an interview series featuring discussions between successful musicians, actors, dancers, artists, and behind the scenes people, and children who are aspiring to achieve similar goals. Kids ask their burning questions and professionals tell their compelling stories about their journey to success. It is my hope that this series will inspire young people who have a passion for the arts to pursue artistic careers and realize, that with hard work and dedication, it is possible.