Author and Founder, Lisa Phillips, has had her fair share of media attention since the release of her book The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World.

From videos with cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, to features in The Washington Post, Lisa’s message has spread like wildfire among arts, education, parenting and leadership organizations.  Lisa’s book, The Artistic Edge has been described as the book to read on Arts Education. Thanks so much to all our loyal supporters!


 Lisa’s Google Hang-Out with Yo-Yo Ma:

Watch it here

Featured Articles by Lisa:

The Washington Post

10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts

 “The arts — while important to study for their intrinsic value — also promote skills seen as important in academic and life success…

  The Washington Post:

Why We Love Artists But Not Arts Education

 “Creative individuals are actually in demand. Not just for arts careers, but for careers in business as well…

 Americans for the Arts:

Six Reasons The the Arts are the Ideal Vehicle to Teach 21st Century Success Skills

“If parents, educators and policy makers would just look and see what I see, they would recognize an untapped opportunity to catapult the 21st century students toward achieving their goals in life…

Articles About The Artistic Edge:

Our Kids Media Book Review

Arts Education is Critical to Success – The Artistic Edge

 “We cannot expect young people to be good leaders as soon as they enter the job market any more than we expect them to be proficient piano players the day after they start playing….

Artchoo Blog Book Review

The Artistic Edge

“All kids have the ability to take skills they learn in arts education and use those skills to succeed. We, as parents and educators, have to provide them with the opportunities.


The Art of Ed Book Review

The Artistic Edge: How the Arts Help Kids in Life

 “Performing solos in the school musical gave me the confidence to get up and speak to hundreds of art teachers at a conference last weekend….


Inside Toronto

Giving kids a competitive future career edge

“Learning accountability, relationship building, problem-solving and confidence will make young people a much more desirable asset to companies…

Witz Education

Influencer Leader, Lisa Phillips

 “Lisa challenges the misconception that the arts are reserved only for the talented few, and instead, proves that the arts are beneficial to anyone and everyone…

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