Don’t take our word for it. See what people have to say about The Artistic Edge.

“I personally and passionately believe this book is a MUST READ for ALL teachers because it provides inspiring and manageable ways to bring the arts to life in all classrooms.”

– Cyndi Wells, Lead Coach & Fine Arts Facilitator Albemarle County Public Schools

“This wonderful, intelligent, highly readable book is a persuasive and passionate explanation of precisely why experiences in the arts should be an essential part of every child’s education. It’s strongly recommended for parents and professionals who prepare young people for success in life.”

– Michael Brandwein, Educator & Bestselling author

“Anyone with a vested interest in the future of our children must read this book!”

– Raymond Aaron, New York Times bestselling author Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul

“The art of having a successful life is now revealed. Lisa Phillips explains clearly and without doubt which skills are needed to move confidently, joyful and purposeful through life. The Artistic Edge is a must read and a very welcome and beautiful addition in support of the arts in general and an arts education in particular!”

– Thierry Dufay, The Netherlands Arts, Culture and Education Forum

“Thank you for writing this book, Lisa. You’re talking about something that should be shouted from the tops of all of our ivory towers!”

– Cathy Elliott, DAREarts

“Lisa Phillips’ points about creativity giving students a competitive edge in the future should be something every school district and every educational administrator takes to heart. We’re going to be referencing this work quite a bit in the next year as we take a hard look at our curricular approach.”

– Derek McCaw, Arts Educator

“Incredibly informative. Wish I had come upon this dynamite little book when first published in 2012. As an art educator I would advise all art educators to read this book and create their own referral notes for consistent reminders. The book contains a plethora of info for positive character training through teaching and engaging art experiences for our country’s future leaders. As a proponent for arts education the author provided valuable in for arts advocacy. The “Artistic Edge” adds myriad info for my volunteerism in education outreach at my local area Acadiana Center for the Arts. Kudos to Lisa Phillips! I look forward to her next book on the same subject.”

– Elizabeth Calais

“A very easy to understand read, explaining the needs for arts education (and the various counterparts) in children’s lives. I read this as an art education researcher looking to for information for my lit review. I felt like she was preaching to the choir so to speak. There were some new concepts that were worth the read, but also GREAT parenting tips (even if you aren’t an artsy type). I would recommend to any parent (especially the young ones), new teacher, old teacher.”

– J. Evans

“After reading one of Lisa’s articles, I felt compelled to purchase her book. Suffice to say, I wasn’t disappointed. To the contrary, I believe all of us in non-arts fields, especially business, should read her book and begin to apply the suggested lessons from The Artistic Edge. At first blush, readers might think the book applies to just parents, teachers and arts educators. But, when one stops and thinks about how much we learn from children (and there is a child in all of us!) and how vital children are to our future as a civilization, one begins to see much greater value in Lisa’s insightful thinking and varied experience. After 30 years in both the for-profit and non-profit world including the military, healthcare and higher education, I believe the development of creative solutions to unprecedented global challenges is an integral part of both strategy and execution. Many of us who have careers in senior and middle management can learn much from the arts. I hope Lisa can find the time to write more about what she has learned.”

– Ritch K. Eich, Capt., USNR (ret.), Leadership consultant and author

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