The Balancing Act of an Arts Career

On Thursday night I finished shooting a short film with Humber College Film School. We spent four days on set. It was such an amazing four days filled with laughs, hard work and tears. It’s a very powerful film about the relationship between 2 sisters after the death of their mother. That’s all I will say about that because I don’t want to give too much away. It was hard work and long days, but it was so amazing to be in the environment created by a cast and crew on set. I got a chance to meet and work with some incredible people, who each have a different story to tell.

After the shoot, I returned to school, to real life! Here is where the balancing act comes in. At this point my life includes school, family, acting, acting classes, part time job, friends, chores and maybe a movie or TV show here and there. How do I make everything fit into my life without going crazy?

Being an actor has taught me so much, but I think the most important thing it has taught me is how balance my life! Okay, I have to credit my parents for teaching me about balance. My parents have made it clear that if I do not fulfill my other responsibilities, I wouldn’t be allowed to continue with auditions and acting classes. My passion for acting and the fact that I want to pursue it as a career has forced me to learn to balance my life.

School has always been the number one priority in my family. I learned very early that in order to keep things balanced, I had to use my time wisely. When I get homework I get it done right away in case I get an audition or book a gig. When I get an assignment or have a test to study for, I never leave it until the last minute because if I happened to get an audition or a booking, there won’t be a “last minute” to get it done. I am also fortunate to have a very flexible part time job working with an amazing little girl. Her parents let me take time off for auditions or filming, which really helps me a lot.

When I am going to be away, I always check with my teachers to get an idea of what I will be missing and if there is any way I can work ahead. I am so lucky to be in a drama program at an art school, so all of my teachers are extremely supportive when I have to take time off to work. I also have amazing friends who take notes for me and keep me updated each day that I miss. And with technology, I can play catch-up right on set if I have to.

To find balance isn’t always easy, but I think I have a pretty good handle on it. My passion for acting actually keeps me focused and pushes me to have everything in order so I can focus on my career. Keeping my life balanced involves thinking and planning ahead and also playing catch up later.

The fact that my family and friends support me so much, makes my balancing act a lot easier! It does get intense sometimes, especially around exam time. I must admit that my parents are very helpful regarding my chores when they can see I am extremely busy. Unfortunately, I don’t get off ‘scot free’, but they do help me out!

I guess what I’m saying is that when you really want something, you have to go the extra mile to make it happen. Achieving goals takes hard work and dedication.