The Artistic Edge is now a Book!

Well the summer has come and gone and I feel like I’ve been locked in my office with my laptop for months. It’s finally time to emerge and announce that my book, The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World, is done! I am very excited to share The Artistic Edge with the world and I hope it will spur on many valuable discussions about the arts, leadership and the realities of life for the current generation as they grow up and finish school.

The book took me 10 months to write and is being printed as I type this blog post. It was an incredible experience putting it together and required me to find a whole new level of focus and discipline! I can truly understand why people don’t finish their book. It isn’t easy. But the reward of holding the finished product in your hand is 100% worth the effort!

So that’s the reason for the dwindling blog posts lately. But I’m back and The Artistic Edge website is going to be introducing some great new content in the coming months. I have decided that the website will now feature some guest bloggers who will share their stories and expertise about all things creative. I’m excited for you to meet them!

So as you reacquaint yourself with my site I thought I would share a little bit more about what the book, The Artistic Edge, is all about. I hope my book will motivate and inspire parents, educators and anyone with an interest in the future of our children to consider the arts as something young people can’t do without!

The Artistic Edge explores why leadership skills taught through the arts are what young people need most to be successful in life. The current state of the world requires an ability to constantly adapt to change. Is the current generation ready? Competition for jobs is fierce and, with advances in communication technology, it is becoming more global. Developing leadership skills in young people is key to giving them a competitive advantage as they face the realities of life after school. Education in the arts should not be reserved for the talented few, but should be promoted as the means for all children to develop skills in: creative thinking, confidence, problem-solving, accountability, relationship building, communication, adaptability and dreaming big. This book explores how we can provide our children with a competitive edge by giving them an artistic one!

Check out the cover and more at: